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Item no. : HPS134CDD
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Release Date : 18 September 2020



Reissue of Mondo Generators 4th full-length album ,"Dead Planet"!!!

With the album "Dead Planet" Oliveri has taken a band once considered a side project and turned it into a full-fledged rock and roll powerhouse. As has been his trademark when he had written songs with Kyuss or QOTSA, this album just oozes with punk rock ethos. Combined with the stoner rock influences that he helped create, this album is a study in excess and self-indulgence. And that is exactly what makes it so damn good. - Ed Thompson

The repress of this masterpiece will see the light via Heavy Psych Sounds.
1. Like a Bomb
2. All the Way Down
3. SonicSlowMotionTrails
4. Basket Case
5. Lie Detector
6. So High
7. Life of Sin
8. Mental Hell
9. She Only Owns You
10. Take Me Away
11. I Never Sleep
12. All Systems Go!
13. Paper Thin
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