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Release Date : 28 February 2020



Hell guys!! Mondo Generator are back!!! Eight years since the last record…this is a dream for all the fans of the band! A mixture of speed rock, american punk and hardcore with the typical Oliveri style. You can hear the old school roots of Black Flag and Dead Kennedys with a pinch of heavy rock and sometimes shades of stoner. You can feel the dust and the sand of the Californian desert mixed with the rotten smell of a dirty basement used as venue! The songwriting is never ordinary and keeps the listener alive for the duration of the entire album. The vocal melodies are always interesting and give the music its trademark sound. You can definitely hear the punk attitude of QOTSA band with whom Nick played for long time. The album is recorded at Pink Duck studio owned by Josh Homme and engineered and mixed by Ian Watt. Cover art by Branca Studio.
1. Nowhere Man
2. Up against the Void
3. Kyuss Dies
4. Turboner
5. Fuck It
6. When Death Comes
7. Listening to the Daze
8. Silver Tequila  /  666 Miles Away
9. S.V.E.T.L.A.N.A.S.
10. There’s Nothing Wrong
11. Death Van Trip
12. It’s You I don’t Believe
13. Option Four
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