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Item no. : M0752
Artist : MORDRED
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 23 July 2021



M-Theory Audio is proud to present “The Dark Parade”, the newest album from influential San Francisco crossover thrash metal act MORDRED. The record is the follow-up to the group's 2020 comeback EP “Volition,” and their first full-length since 1994's “The Next Room.”

MORDRED was formed in 1984 as the burgeoning Bay Area thrash scene was beginning its rise to global prominence. While mosh-inducing thrash formed the basic blueprint of their sound, MORDRED stood out as a unique presence thanks to their integration of funk, alternative and hip-hop influences. The group was one of the first metal bands to explore those diversities, but as the dexterous bass performance of Art Liboon and innovative turntable work from band collaborator Aaron “DJ Pause” Vaughn provided a new spin on the thrash metal genre, MORDRED retained their metallic bark thanks to groove-laden shred from guitarists Danny White and James Sanguinetti and energetic shout-along choruses spearheaded by vocalist Scott Holderby. That combination of thrash metal and exploratory funk powered three full-lengths on Noise Records between 1989 and 1994, from their revered debut “Fool's Game,” to their even more eclectic sophomore follow-up “In This Life,” through their final – until now – record, “The Next Room.”

“The Dark Parade” is MORDRED's first album in over twenty-five years, and first since their 2013 reunion. Their new album features five-sixths of the personnel from the group's acclaimed 1991 record “In This Life,” plus new drummer Jeff Gomes (formerly of Fungo Mungo and MIRV). The new record showcases the band's revitalized energy and classic sound, and their varied influences allow their music to sound as fresh now as it did during the group's initial decade of existence.

For fans of: Exodus, Death Angel, Suicidal Tendencies, Fishbone, Faith No More

1. Demonic #7
2. Malignancy
3. I Am Charlie
4. Dragging For Bodies
5. The Dark Parade
6. All Eyes on the Prize
7. Dented Lives
8. Smash Goes The Bottle
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