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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : AR111CD
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Release Date : 20 November 2020



After 2 albums released on Polyphemus Records and wondering what the next step would be for the band, NOVEMBRE signed to Century Media to debut on the German label with 'Classica'. An album title that properly defines the new prog-metal music direction the band had taken. Lots of tragedy, mourning, sadness and melancholy poured out of the new tracks, and the record was a giant step forward in terms of songrwriting and lyricism that inaugurated a new era for the band and their new label. Includes classic tunes such as 'Nostalgiaplatz' and 'L'Epoque Noire'. Mixed by Andy L'aroque (King Diamond) at Los Angered studios.

1. Cold Blue Steel
2. Tales From A Winter To Come
3. Nostalgiaplatz
4. My Starving Bambina
5. Love Story
6. L'Epoque Noire
7. Onirica East
8. Foto Blu Infinito (Instr.)
9. Winter
10. Outro / Spirit Of The Forest  (Tales... Reprise)

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