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Item no. : PRO225
Artist : OBERON
Product type : Compact Disc Digi
Release Date : 26 October 2018



Founded in 1994 by Bard Oberon as a vehicle for his lifelong studies in hermeticism and rosicrucianism, gnostic spirituality, natural magic and the forces that move civilization, Oberon is a project meant to explore the inner process of human destiny. Deeply philosophical by nature, the music of Oberon can best be classified as Gnostic Rock.
Four years after "Dream Awakening", Oberon's first album in the new millennium, his latest work "Aeon Chaser" sees the light of day. Here we are enticed to enter Oberon's darkly romantic world, blending dark wave, bombastic rock and neo-folk elements into a majestic, haunting and melancholic sound that knows no boundaries. Being Oberon's first studio recording with a full band, "Aeon Chaser" is fueled by new creative energies. These are best conveyed through songs like "Lost Souls", "Omega", "Walk In Twilight" and "The Secret Fire" which add a heavier, band oriented feel to Oberon's musical palette. Still there are solemn and wistful tunes like "Laniakea", "Worlds Apart" or "To Live To Die" harkening back to Oberon's early works from the 1990s. "'Aeon Chaser' is about the dark night of the soul," the artist explains. "It is when you are tested that you know what you are made of. Whether you survive depends on your will to keep going, and the clarity of your convictions."
1. Omega
2. Walk In Twilight
3. To Live To Die
4. Black Aura
5. The Secret Fire
6. Worlds Apart
7. Laniakea
8. Surrender
9. Lost Souls
10. Brother Of The Order
11. Magus Of The Dunes
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