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Item no. : PMZ244CD
Artist : ODCULT
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 23 February 2018



The members of Odcult has for many years played in various bands and projects together and have a past rooted in punk and hard rock music, which are genres that always has been located close to their hearts. The members Coffe, Andy and Dennis decided in 2013 to cancel all old projects and instead start up a new band with a new concept, name and fresh songs. The original idea for the music was to capture the feeling from that good old rock music that was created during the 1970s, and then add the energy that you can hear in the punk genre. And since the members individually are influenced by quite different bands, it probably could be a pretty unique sound when it all comes together. Odcult then spent their first year just writing the music that would to become their first full length album, which then were recorded and finalized during 2014. The band is now ready with their second album, and we proudly release this high quality band from the midst of the Swedish woods! This is for fans of everything from the 70s, with an eminent groove and flawless vocals - ODCULT is here to stay!
1. Unhallowed
2. Luna
3. The Realm
4. Bleed for Me
5. The Orchard
6. No One Gets Out Alive
7. Make the Leave
8. Prevail
9. Black Oak
10. Turn to Dust
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