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Item no. : CG72189LP
Artist : RAGE
Product type : Vinyl LP Box Set
Release Date : 07 July 2014



What better way to celebrate their 30th Band anniversary as by diving deep into their own history, spanning three decades of an incomparable Metal career.
VINYL #1: 
01. ANYBODY HOME? “This is a new recorded song we created from leftover ideas we had from the »21« sessions
02. MYSTERY TRIP “This was a bonus track for the European limited edition version of »Unity«. 
03. IN UNION “This is a leftover song Victor wrote for the album »Into The Light« which he produced for the Nuclear Blast 25th Anniversary. What you hear is our first demo with Peavy´s pilote vocals.”
04. LONG HARD ROAD (STUDIO LIVE REHEARSAL) “At the time we worked on »Carved In Stone«, we used to rehearse in the studio, so we would record our new ideas directly in good quality. What you hear here is absolutely live with no overdubs at all.”
05. FULL MOON (INTERNATIONAL VERSION) “This is a re- mix of our several versions of this song that we did as bonus tracks for the diverse versions of »Speak Of The Dead«.” 
06. NEVERMORE (DEMO) “This first demo version of this song we had recorded on an 8 track machine in our rehearsal room.” 
07. FRENCH BOURR: “A while before we recorded »Soundchaser« Victor had put out his second solo album »Majesty And Passion« where he interpreted music from Johann Sebastian Bach in his very own style.”
08. ANOTHER PERFECT DAY (DEMO) : “This is another song written for the »Into The Light« album.” 
 01. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH (EARLY DEMO) “This is a very early sketch of this song, recorded even before we did a real demo.” 
02. HERE COMES THE NIGHT “This is a leftover song we had written for »Soundchaser«.” 
03. SPIRITUAL AWAKENING (DEMO) “This is the demo version of that song written for the »Ghost« album.” 
04. LOST IN THE VOID (STUDIO LIVE REHEARSAL) “That´s another one from the »Carved In Stone« demo session.” 
05. THE MISSING LINK (DEMO) “Another track from »The Missing Link« demos.” 
06. ANOTHER KIND OF MADNESS (STUDIO LIVE REHEARSAL) “Here you can listen to the first recording of that song, in a complete different arrangement, like it was planned for the »Trapped!« album.” 
07. DOWN TO THE BONE “This is a song from the long lost AVENGER EP »Depraved To Black«, originally released on a very small German Label (Wishbone) in 1985.” 
VINYL #3: 
01. THE SPEED OF SOUND “Here´s another new recorded song we´ve made from leftover ideas. It is based on stuff written for »End Of All Days« in 1996, now freshly pimped up with new ideas. 
02. DARKNESS TURNS TO LIGHT “The second bonus track we recorded for »Unity«. It was issued only in Japan so far.” 
03. DEATH IS ALIVE (DEMO) “This song was also written for the »Into The Light« album for Nuclear Blast´s 25th Anniversary.” 
04. GENTLE MURDERS (STUDIO LIVE REHEARSAL) “»Carved In Stone« demo session, part three.”
05. FROM THE CRADLE TO THE GRAVE (DEMO) “This is a special version of this demo recorded for the »XIII« Album.” 
06. REFUGE (DEMO) “»The Missing Link« Demos , part three.” 
07. FUGUE NO. 5 “This instrumental is another genius composition by Johann Sebastian Bach in the fantastic arrangement by Victor Smolski.” 
08. LAST GOODBYE (DEMO) “This song was quite rare already in its original version for the »Beyond The Wall« EP in 1992.” 
VINYL #4: 
01. DIRTY WINGS (DEMO) “Another track we did for the »Into The Light« session.” 
02. THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM (DEMO) “The last one from the »Missing Link« demos issued here.” 
03. WATERFALLS : “Previously unreleased.” 
04. HEADS OFF (DEMO) “This is the first demo version of the song later called ‘Brainsucker’ sung by DESTRUCTION´s Schmier.” 
05. ASSORTED BY SATAN (ALTERNATIVE VERSION) “The track starts with the complete intro played by Peavy on the classical guitar which was faded at its half on the AVENGERS »Prayers Of Steel« album.” 
06. SHAME ON YOU (DEMO) “This track is from the second demo session for »Trapped!«, the band recorded in their rehearsal room.” 
07. SOUNDCHASER (DEMO) “Finally here´s the first version of our »Soundchaser« title track


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