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Item no. : AV416LP
Artist : REMAH
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 15 October 2021



Remah is a black metal entity born from a long-standing friendship and split between Paris and Brussels. Dea and ABR have known each other for a very long time and played black metal together since the beginning of their friendship, 17 years ago. After a 10-year gap in their musical relationship, they gathered once more to create Une Main, Remah debut album, of which Dea wrote and produced all the music and clean vocals while ABR wrote and sang the lyrics. The result is a mixture of ice-cold, blade-sharp black metal with deep roots in several different styles: there’s the circular riffing of Blut Aus Nord most atmospheric and industrial works, the profound suffering of Xasthur depressive black metal records and of course furious, relentless blasts of rage coming from a Scandinavian heritage.

01 - Des Rêves Sales
02 - III
03 - Les Marais
04 - La Gueule Ouverte
05 - Premier Spasme
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