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Item no. : TPE902371
Artist : ROT TV
Product type : Vinyl LP
Label : TEE PEE
Release Date : 04 March 2022



Tales Of Torment, the debut album from south-eastern Australia’s creeping clan of black denim/leather clad miscreants, Rot TV!

While the album may be their first as a collective, as an itemised bill of experience and musically well-heeled parts Rot TV is a veritable who’s who of noise-loving night howlers. Featuring the likes of Lecherous Gaze/Witch’s Graham Clise on guitar and Southern Comfort/Miss Destiny’s Harriet Hudson-Clise on vocals, the band has been blazing an unshakeable trail south of the equator since the 2019 release of their debut 7”, F.D.A./Transylvanian Nights.
Signed to Tee Pee Records for the release of Tales Of Torment, to suggest that the album offers more of the same and very little else would be a lie. From the riff-ready, New York Dolls strut of ‘Ready To Die’ to the closing amphetamine anarchy (a la The Pink Fairies) of ‘Meataxe’, listeners are locked into a rollercoaster of rock history. Dead Moon, MC5, The Damned, all the way down to the Ray Davies ‘Rats’-esque rock of ‘Oblivion’ and full-throttle Kinks worship on their cover of ‘I'm Not Like Everybody Else’, Rot TV have two speeds; fast and full-tilt boogie. Either way, you’re coming along for the ride.

1. Ready To Die
2. Crying Shame
3. Slashin’
4. Goodbye
5. Oblivion
6. I’m Not Like Everybody Else
7. Mother's Chain
8. Feeling Dead Alive 
9. Stone
10. Nervous Wreck
11. Sinkhole
12. Meataxe
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