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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : PMZ269CD
Artist : SEPTEKH
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 24 August 2018



David Wikström, Nils Meseke, Patrik Ström and Staffan Persson formed SEPTEKH in the autumn of 2008 in a cramped garage in the rustic suburban area of Norrtuna, Järna, Sweden. As these four very different people met creatively they found something unique. Their collective musical effort outshone, outclassed and outpaced the sum of its parts. Synergy. Songs were created and rehearsed in a frenzy. Playfully. Energetically. The newly sprouted group was ready to gig in record time. The 6 track demo of 2009 is a testament to that period. In the recording process, three storeys below ground at Sveavägen, Stockholm, in the domain of Mr Erik Forsberg at Midtown Music, something happened that drastically changed the awareness of the band. A suspicion, turned into a startlingly hard, unassailable fact. The realisation is this: SEPTEKH is its own creature and no single member of the band has any real control over it. It will demand attention, time and resources to grow but grow it will.
1. Fire At Will
2. Project Evil
3. Fading To The Sun
4. Pulsanda Tellus
5. Poker Of Skulls
6. Bal-Sagoth
7. Red Dawn
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