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Release Date : 07 April 2014



The story of STATEMENT started in 2011, when Niels Alex - drummer of now departed Danish prime metal act Pilgrimz - met up with longtime friend and vocalist Jannick Brochdorf. Niels Alex was already an experienced musician on the Danish metal scene and has been playing in bands since 1994. With Pilgrimz he has been playing shows alongside bands like Motörhead, Gojira, Carcass, The Haunted and Volbeat, and festivals like Roskilde, Sweden Rock and Metaltown, to name a few. But then Niels Alex wanted to do something else and ditched the drums in favour of the guitar and his love for classic hard rock!
Together with Jannick, who for a number of years had been writing songs on his own, they built the foundation for a classical hard rock band with clean vocals, lots of heavy guitar riffs, solos and themes – which resulted in the band STATEMENT.
The line-up was completed with bassist Martin Poulsen – from the death/grind band Drab, drummer Peter Thomsen – who has supported Europe and Tesla with his former band Sode, and finally guitarist Jesper Steen Noachsen.
All five members were inspired by classical hard rock/metal acts such as Scorpions, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Metallica. So even though the majority of the band had been playing extreme metal for about 20 years, they all went back with a new found love for their musical roots and the times of exploration.
This is depicted in both the maybe a little naïve, but poetic and touching lyrical universe that surrounds singer Jannick’s youth and deals with the times when drugs, drinking, depressions and a tough party nights in the city, was a great part of his life.
In 2013 STATEMENT finished the hard rocking debut album “Monsters”. The album is recorded in Fastbeat Studio, Copenhagen, while vocal recording, mix and mastering is handled by internationally acclaimed sound wizard Tue Madsen at Antfarm studio, Aarhus.

01. Kill The Times
02. Monsters
03. Say Hallo
04. Crawling
05. Keep You Alive
06. Dropzone
07. Control
08. Childhood Dreams
09. To Be A Man
10. Another Stage
11. Back To Live
12. Need to know
13. Dad
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