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Item no. : AR123LP
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 18 February 2022



Acclaimed San Antonio, Texas-based prog/tech metal triumvirate SPASTIC INK, featuring guitarist/composer Ron Jarzombek, bassist Pete Perez, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek. "I worked on the album off and on for over four years and at times it seemed like it would never get done," Ron Jarzombek said in a press release. "The most difficult part was of course finding musicians to play these INK tunes while Bobby and Pete were touring and recording with HALFORD and RIOT. All of the guests who helped out did unbelievably fantastic jobs and I couldn't be any happier with their performances." Joining SPASTIC INK on "Ink Compatible" is Ron Jarzombek's long-time WATCHTOWER bandmate, singer Jason McMaster, who provides lead vocals on five tracks. Additional support comes from Swedish vocalist Daniel Gildenlöw (PAIN OF SALVATION), guitarist Marty Friedman (MEGADETH, CACOPHONY), keyboardists Jens Johansson (STRATOVARIUS, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), Jimmy Pitts (SCHOLOMANCE, THE FRACTURED DIMENSION), and David Bagsby (XEN, PATRICK MORAZ), bassists Michael Manring (ATTENTION DEFICIT, MICHAEL HEDGES), Ray Riendeau (HALFORD, MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE), Doug Keyser (WATCHTOWER), and Sean Malone (GORDIAN KNOT, CYNIC), and drummers Jeff Eber (DYSRHYTHMIA) and David Penna (STATIC, PLANET HATE, RONNIE SPECTOR, SYS-X).
1. Aquanet
2. Just A Little Bit
3. Words For Nerds
4. Melissa's Friend
5. Read Me
6. Multi-Masking
7. In Memory Of...
8. A Chaotic Realization Of Nothing Yet Misunderstood
9. The Cereal Mouse
10. A Quick Affix (Japanese bonus track)
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