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Item no. : SKR150CD
Artist : STRIFE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 10 August 2018



This is the 1978 sophomore album by the terrific British hard rock band STRIFE, a seminal influence on IRON MAIDEN and many others. By this point, the band had shifted to the smaller Gull Records, which had released JUDAS PRIEST's first two albums only a few years earlier. Although conventional underground wisdom has always stressed their 1975 debut (likely because it was on Chrysalis), "Back To Thunder" is, in the opinion of many, at least as good - if not better!
1.Shockproof 03:32 
2.Let Me Down 05:14 
3.Feel So Good 02:50 
4.Sky 06:04 
5.You Are What You Are 03:52 
6.Red Sun 03:33 
7.Fool Injected Overlap 06:31 
8.Weary Traveller 03:45 
9.You Don't Know [Unreleased Back To Thunder Song] 02:58 
10.School [School EP 1977] 04:08 
11.Go [School EP 1977] 02:31 
12.Unknown [Unreleased Rehearsal 1977] 04:35
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