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Item no. : SKR149CD
Artist : STRIFE
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 10 August 2018



This is the 1975 debut album by the British band STRIFE, a seminal influence on IRON MAIDEN and a truly superlative, underrated act. Though active throughout the '70s, they might be most properly filed into the second renaissance of hard rock/heavy metal in the late mid-to-late part of that decade.
1.Backstreets of Heaven 03:17 
2.Man of the Wilderness 04:27 
3.Magic of the Dawn 03:32 
4.Indian Dream 07:01 
5.Life is Easy 02:51 
6.Better Man Than I 03:09 
7.Rush 12:11 
8.Magic in My Mind [Demo 1973 Universal Studios] 03:40 
9.Tawny Eyes [Demo 1973 Universal Studios] 03:08 
10.Worry [Demo 1973 Universal Studios] 06:43
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