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Due 10 February 2023
Item no. : FLSP65
Product type : Vinyl LP
Release Date : 10 February 2023



“No borders, no boundaries, we just love hardcore.” That’s the attitude owners Che Figueroa and Ricky Singh push forward when
talking about their long-standing record label, Flatspot Records. Started in 2004, Flatspot has consistently been a vital source of what’s new and next in the world of hardcore and heavy music. The label spans a vast catalog; with early releases from heavyweights like TRAPPED UNDER ICE, BACKTRACK, and ANGEL DU$T, to the forefront of this decade’s new crop of breakout bands like SCOWL, ZULU, and SECTION H8. Flatspot has also boosted itself as a platform for rising and established bands alike through the release of The Extermination Compilation series, featuring exclusive track contributions. The dedication Figueroa and Singh have in keeping their ear to the scene has allowed the bands on their roster to form a sense of community, often touring and playing festivals together. The community aspect expands to the label’s worldwide fanbase and presence as well, having collaborated with international labels and record stores to meet the ongoing demand for Flatspot releases. After almost 20 years as a label, Flatspot Records are setting their sights big in 2023—bringing more bands to their roster and releasing volume four of The Extermination Compilation. Having no intentions of slowing down, Figueroa and Singh are only adding fuel to the fire that is Flatspot Records. This compilation was started to provide a snapshot of the current state of hardcore. Every song is exclusive to the series, and we love to see bands take pride in giving us some of their best songs for this compilation. Looking back, The Extermination Compilation has released exclusive tracks from POWER TRIP, ANGEL DU$T, TURNSTILE, TERROR, KING NINE, BACKTRACK, SOUL SEARCH, PIECE BY PIECE, TAKE OFFENSE, and the list goes on. With volume four, we present the next wave of hardcore from our perspective. For this volume, every single band gave 110% of raw power and pure energy. This is a true representation of hardcore in its purest form.
1. SPEED - One Blood We Bleed
2. THE CHISEL - Punisher
3. BUGGIN - Attitude
4. SECTION H8 - Unhinged
5. RAW BRIGADE - Keep On Running (CRUX Cover)
6. JIVEBOMB - American Rule
7. END IT - Familia Finito
8. SPY - Mob
9. LAW OF POWER - Nothing To Show
10. M.A.D. - The Axeman’s Letter
11. CHOICE TO MAKE - Tryin’


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