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Item no. : INDIE005CD
Artist : VREID
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 04 June 2007



Vreid is the Norwegian word for wrath. The band consists of the 3 members of the legendary SognaMetal band Windir; Hváll(bass), Steingrim(drums), Sture (vocals/guitar) and a guitarist named Ese. Ese has been a close friend of the Vreid members for years, and he was co-engineer on Windir’s “Likferd “album. Vreid have released two albums on Tabu recordings. KRAFT in 2004, and PITCH BLACK BRIGADE in 2006. Both albums got amazing reviews and established Vreid as an important act in the extreme metal scene. “A mixture of old black metal and traditional rock & roll with an undisputed Norwegian sound”, has been a description frequently used on Vreid. Vreid has since the beginning done more than 60 shows in 15 different countries. 2 Norwegian tours, 2 European tours and numerous festival appearances. "I Krig" is a monumental album, that is darker and heavier than ever. The lyrics are based upon a poem collection by Gunnar Reiss-Andersen from 1946. These poems pay great homage to the Norwegian resistance during WW2, and capture the grim atmosphere of this period in an unbelievable way. Fans that want to catch a glimpse of the forthcoming album will have their chance in the beginning of April, when Vreid embark on their “Northern Brigade” european tour. This is the first headlining tour for Vreid in Europe, and it will be supported by Battered & In Vain. Vreid are also confirmed for Metlcamp in Slovenia & the Metalheart festival in Norway this summer.
1. Jarnbyrd
2. Under Isen
3. I Krig
4. Væpna Lengsel
5. Svart
6. Dei Daude Steig Av Grav
7. Folkefiendar
8. Fangegard
9. Millom Hav Og Fjell
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