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Item no. : INDIE164LP
Artist : VREID
Product type : Vinyl Double Album
Release Date : 09 October 2015



On the west coast of Norway located between the majestic mountains and at the end of the deep narrow fjords, lies the rural area Sogn. 
A region of wild nature and dramatic landscape. 
The farm Kvale lays here, one of the most well known, historical and prosperous farms in this region.
This is a name that we find back in the year 1184, when its ruler Arntor fought for this regions freedom in Norway’s greatest sea battle.
Almost 1000 years later a young flock of men got together to create their own cult on this very farm. Connected through blood and heritage they embraced their history and legacy to create their own world.
For 10 years they were known as Ulcus and Windir, and since 2004 they have created their art under the flag of Vreid.
This adventures journey has resulted in 6 albums, brought them to 25 countries and close to 500 shows.
Late 2013 the band took a break from doing live shows. All focus was put into creating a new album. Hvall sought back to his family mountain pasture in the remote Sogndal valley and wrote their 7th Opus “Solverv”.
The album is in every sense inspired by and moulded by their heritage, history, blood, family and the strong bond that the members share. 
In 2014 the flock gathered again, and as usual Studio 1184 was their dungeon to develop and finalize their new sonic beast.
Vreid is a band that keeps control of every aspect of their product. The band is conducting or heavily involved in everything from recording and mixing to artwork, visuals, and setting up their shows. 
Included in their creative process is their invaluable co-workers sound maestro Helge Bentsen and visual wizard Kim Holm. 
“Solverv” is an epic milestone for the brigade.  The album sounds fresh and vital, yet has a clear historical signature sound to it. The lyrics on the album is written and sung in their native “Sognamal” dialect.
“Solverv” is not just another album states songwriter “Hvall” – “this is the definition of our lives and heritage.
We share a bond since our childhood days, and the fire burns stronger than ever. We strive for the timeless, and through our music we lose track of time."
1. Haust
2. Solverv
3. Geitaskadl
4. Atti sitt Fjedl
5. Nar Byane Brenn
6. Storm fra Vest
7. Fridom med daudens klang
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