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The Northern California-based death metal/core quartet APOTHESARY – praised by No Clean Singing for their “impressive, hard-charging melodic death metal with a shitload of technical flair and enough pummelling brutality to leave bruises” – have returned with an emotionally charged new album, “Accept Loss Forever.”

APOTHESARY self-released their first album, 2011's “A Harsh Reality,” while its members were still in high school. During summer breaks, the group embarked on DIY-style tours to spread their name by playing shows with the likes of Killswitch Engage, Dark Tranquillity, Fear Factory, Dying Fetus, Helloween, Suffocation and Warbringer. From there, the band released two EPs, “They All Carry Ghosts” and “Sensory Overload,” that further showcased new and old-school thrash and technical death metal influences blending to concoct something simultaneously brutal, melodic and adventurous.

That was all just a precursor for “Accept Loss Forever,” which guitarist Clayton Cagle (also a member of the thrash band Hatchet) describes as an emotional and cathartic album that painstakingly captures the group's evolution, musically and personally. “'Accept Loss Forever' is the true definition of 'coming of age,' as some of its material dates back to 2012 – when our average age was just 17 – and spans over half the life of the band,” he explains. “That makes these songs special, because they're the most accurate representation of our growth both as a band and as human beings. Every significant moment of our transition from adolescence to adulthood has a place on this record, and I don't know where I would be right now if I didn't have this outlet to help put life in perspective. It is my hope that the music on this record helps someone else in the same way it helped me, and the rest of APOTHESARY, to write.”

1. Sensory Overload
2. Two-Minute Hate
3. 1976
4. Elizabeth
5. Accept Loss Forever
6. Making Up For Lost Time
7. You've Met With A Terrible Fate, Haven't You?
8. Knight
9. Woodland Critter Christmas
10. Tempest (Even Tide)
11. Expressionless Me
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