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Item no. : M0542
Artist : HAZZERD
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 24 January 2020



The Canadian thrash quartet HAZZERD was initially formed by drummer/lead vocalist Dylan Westendorp and guitarist Brendan Malycky, two Calgary teens who were inspired by the early work of thrash legends such as Overkill, Metallica and Anthrax. The group self-released their debut EP, “Victimize The Innocent,” in 2014. Three years later, HAZZERD recorded their full-length debut, “Misleading Evil,” which was released via Canada's World War Now Records. Featuring cover art by Andrei Bouzikov (Skeletonwitch, Municipal Waste), the record was praised by as “one of the strongest thrash releases of 2017,” while Dead Rhetoric called the album “an exhilarating aural ride” with a “Maiden/Priest-meets-early Metallica vibe.”

In 2019, HAZZERD caught the attention of M-Theory Audio after being featured on Gimme Radio, where Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine championed the group as a promising thrash hopeful. H ealso included the band on his personal list of record collection picks, where HAZZERD were one of only two up-and-coming artists listed (the other being Power Trip). That same year, HAZZERD recorded their sophomore album (and M-Theory debut), “Delirium,” at Calgary's MCC Recording Studio. The record was mixed and mastered by Johnny Gasparic (Into Eternity), while Bouzikov once again provided the cover artwork.

HAZZERD has performed alongside the likes of Hatchet, Striker, Vicious Rumors, Archspire, Spellcaster, and Grim Reaper in addition to playing noted Canadian festivals such as Loud As Hell and Armstrong MetalFest. The band plans to tour extensively throughout 2020.

1. Sacrifice Them in the Name of God
2. A Tormented Reality
3. Sanctuary for the Mad
4. Victim of a Desperate Mind
5. Call of the Void
6. Dead in the Shed
7. Illuminated
8. Waking Nightmare
9. The Decline
10. The End
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