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Chest (CM)

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Item no. : 263080
Artist : MONO INC
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Label : NO CUT
Release Date : 25 May 2015



Everything is bigger in Texas: the distance between cities, the vastness of the land, the steaks on the barbecue- even the space for recent thoughts seems to have XXL-format. At least this is what the German rock band Mono Inc. has experienced on their five-day visit to a ranch on the Rio Grande. Because what had started out as a small vacation following the band's first gig in the USA evolved into something much bigger: Terlingua, the eighth studio album in the bands history.

Disc 1 (Audio CD):
1. Mondschein
2. Never-Ending Love Song
3. Heiland
4. It Never Rains
5. Tag X
6. 118
7. Die Noten deines Lebens
8. Still
9. An klaren Tagen
10. Emory Peak
11. Love Lies
12. Terlingua
13. Study Butte

Disc 2 (Bonus DVD):
1. Welcome!
2. Tag X (video clip)
3. Never-Ending Love Song (video clip)
4. Making of „Tag X“
5. Interview with MONO INC. (Part 1)
6. An klaren Tagen (piano version) (video clip)
7. Interview with MONO INC. (Part 2)

Disc 3 (available only in  Fanbox edition!):
Bonus EP: Radio Mono
1. Radio Mono
2. Ghostriders In The Sky
3. Tag X (Acoustic Version) 4. Heiland (Die Krupps-Remix)


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