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Item no. : MASSDP0910
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Release Date : 10 July 2015



Back in 1995, EISREGEN started to deliver their morbid messages in German, being one of the very first bands in that genre to do so.
Today, 20 years and hundreds of shows later, nothing has changed. The German masters of the macabre are still icons in the German metal scene!
About a month prior to the release of the upcoming masterpiece "Marschmusik" EISREGEN have a special something for their fans that should whet their appetite for what’s to come - the BRUMMBAR EP.

The EP features the hit single "Panzerschokolade", which caused quite a sensation at this year’s shows over the course of the Hatefest tour in April as well as at the band’s gig at Germany’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2015.
It also includes the hymn "Gott Der Panzer" in an alternate vocal version as opposed to the final album version.
The brand new song "Luftschlag" is exclusively featured on the EP as well.
Besides those three new songs, the EP will also contain remixes of three well-known EISREGEN hits whose lyrics deal with military subjects.
SOLDATENDISKO remixed the song "Auf Ewig Ostfront" and it turned out to be extremely danceable.

ZIMMERMANN equipped "Eisenkreuzkrieger" with a soundtrack-esque attitude and AGGRO-TAMBACH added a radical electronic sound to the song "Schakal".
The EP offers interesting and exclusive material for every EISREGEN fan, as you see, and will surely reduce the waiting time for EISREGEN’s 11th studio album named MARSCHMUSIK


1. Panzerschokolade
2. Gott Der Panzer
3. Auf Ewig Ostfront (Remix)
4. Eisenkreuzkrieger (Remix)
5. Schakal (Remix)
6. Luftschlag
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