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Item no. : MASSCD0619
Product type : Compact Disc Double
Release Date : 01 June 2009



Eisregen have proved themselves a force to be reckoned with in the German extremem metal scene. A large part of this success is down to the bands impressive live performances and the huge amount of shows the band have played and continue to play. All of which is now impressingly documented on the live album BÜHNENBLUT - LIVE IN LEIPZIG. Available as a classical double live album as double CD, double Digipak and limited 2-LP in fold-out cover. This is the first ever double-live album from a German band in the extreme metal genre. Recorded over two shows at the end of November 2008 at the Hellraiser Club in Leipzig. Both shows were sold out and marked a unique experience for both fans and the band as material previously banned in Germany was played live for the very first time. This long-awaited remake is accompanied by the 1st CD of the BÜHNENBLUT-album, which includes the band’s live classics like Eisenkreuzkrieger, 19 Nägel für Sophie, Zeit zu spielen, Elektro Hexe and others which are finally available in top-notch live versions. Produced by long term friend of the band Markus Stock. BÜHNENBLUT marks an essential recording for the many Eisregen fans, a highly authentic piece of live entertainment of a special kind, morbid, macabre and highly entertaining! The death is (still) a master from Thüringen.

CD 1:
1. Eine kleine Schlachtmusik 2. Eisenkreuzkrieger 3. Treibjagd 4. 1000 tote Nutten 5. Das liebe Beil 6. Stahlschwarzschwanger 7. Sei Fleisch und Fleisch sei tot 8. 19 Nägel für Sophie 9. Zeit zu spielen 10. Knochenkult 11. Schwarzer Gigolo 12. Electro-Hexe



CD 2:
1. Endschlacht 2. Ausgeburrt 3. Des Blutes Nachtgewand 4. Totfleischkolonie 5. Für die liebend Toten 6. Seuchenkinder 7. Blaulippensymphonie 8. Im Zwielicht 9. Futtermühle 10. Thüringen 2008

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