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Item no. : MASSCD0675
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 05 April 2010



Eisregen are a German metal phenomenon: in September 2010 the morbid quartet from Thüringen will celebrate their 15th birthday and make themselves their best present – the meanwhile 8th studio album „Schlangensonne“ (sun of the snake). There is rarely another band in the German metal scene that has a comparable cult status as Eisregen do – and “Schlangensonne” will follow up on that. Ten new tracks plus a bonus track are included and show the band in top condition! The band always had a good feeling for great hooks compared with the needed heaviness and on “Schlangensonne” now this leads to remarkable choruses and hooks. Another Eisregen trademark is their variable sound, from balladesc moments, to blastbeats or grooving parts the band covers a wide musical range, technically perfects and again heavily produced by Markus Stock at their “home” studio “Klangschmiede E”. The no. 1 badge of their sound are eversince the vocal and verbal benfits of band leader M. Roth who gives the songs their own soul and again pulls out all the stops: “Zauberelefant” is their statement about the feeder-scene, undead soldiers meet their fate every day in “Auf Ewig Ostfront”, “Blute Aus” covers the bad habit of “cutting”, “N8Verzehr” is a very modern version of the German fairytale Hänsel & Gretel, “Tod Senkt sich herab” reflects the bomb raid on Dresden and “Kai aus der Kiste” is simply undescribable – Eisregen in their purest form – madness in perfection! Eisregen add another highlight to their discography with „Schlangensonne“ which will not only be appreciated by their stron fanbase but also add new fans. In summer the band will again be very present on the big festivals (a.o. on the Summer Breeze Open Air) before the “Schlangensonne 2010” tour will start in September. And the guys will not get bored: following a good band tradition the title of the follow-up album is already announced with “Rostrot”. But before that M. Roth & Yantit will finish their new challenge called MARIENBAD following another musical path – the album “Werk 1 – Nachfall” will be out end of 2010 or early 2011 also on Massacre Records.
1. N8Verzehr
2. Blute Aus
3. Auf Ewig Ostfront
4. Ernte den Untergang
5. Zauberelefant
6. Kai aus der Kiste
7. Tod senkt sich herab
8. Linkshänder
9. Das Allerschlimmste
10. Schlangensonne
11. Brustfetichrist (Bonus)
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