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Item no. : MASCD1038
Product type : Compact Disc
Release Date : 02 November 2018



In the band’s 23rd year of existence, the German extreme metal legends EISREGEN now deliver their 13th studio album called "Fegefeuer" - and it’s one of their best albums yet!

The two band leaders M. Roth and Yantit spent months working on the 11 new songs - "Fahlmondmörder" has already been featured on the "Satan liebt dich" EP (released in June 2018), and was praised by fans and critics alike. The new album raises the bar even more.

It doesn’t lack potential hit songs, tracks like "Knochentorte", "Alice im Wundenland" or "Ich mach dich bleich" will surely be part of future set lists. The other tracks are characterized by an extremely high quality, too.

From a musical point of view, EISREGEN stayed true to themselves - the band never shied away from diversity and M. Roth once again delivers controversial, macabre and genius lyrics that some people will consider as distasteful and others will love dearly. The latter will surely be delighted by songs like "Es lauert", "Opfer" and "Oben auf dem Leichenberg".

1. Vorhölle
2. Fegefeuer
3. Knochentorte
4. Oben auf dem Leichenberg
5. Alice im Wundenland
6. Axtmann
7. Es lauert
8. Opfer
9. Die Bruderschaft des 7. Tages
10. Fahlmondmörder
11. Ich mach dich bleich
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