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Release Date : 30 October 2020



After making waves internationally with their dynamic debut album “Sands of Time” – hailed by the UK's Prog Magazine as “extraordinary” – the Israeli symphonic progressive metal band SCARDUST have raised the bar considerably on their sophomore effort “Strangers.” A riveting concept record about the ongoing struggles between technology and nature, light and darkness and life and death, the album – mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend, BTBAM) – showcases a vibrant group whose creativity and prowess seems limitless. Virtuoso musicianship that shifts gears seamlessly co-exists alongside full-fledged choirs that add further heft and drama to an already rich sound, but the star of the show may well be vocalist Noa Gruman, aptly praised by Prog for “vocal gymnastics that flip between elegant soprano and guttural demon in a split-second.”

“Strangers” – which includes a guest appearance by noted German folk musician Patty Gurdy – features a series of complementary song pairs that are sequenced from the outside in. As such, the album's release will be preceded by the unveiling of two such pairs, which will subsequently be combined into an “episode” that will help to further convey the album's puzzle-like structure.

SCARDUST has performed at such major festivals as Ramblin' Man Fair (UK), Metaldays (Slovenia) and Midi (China). The band also hosts the annual “Scarfest” event in their home country, where they've appeared alongside the likes of Therion, Epica & Symphony X.

1. Overture for the Estranged
2. Break the Ice
3. Tantibus II
4. Stranger
5. Concrete Cages
6. Over
7. Under
8. Huts
9. Gone
10. Addicted
11. Mist
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